Why I Chose To Become A Morgage Broker

My career as a mortgage broker started with a passion to help others become homeowners and prosper via real estate. 

I believe strongly in the safety features, passive income generation, and equity growth benefits of owning a home.  

As a mortgage broker, I provide in-depth knowledge of various home loan programs available on the market, helping clients select programs that fit their unique financial conditions and meet their personal goals. I take pride in securing the most competitive rates and pricing available through my vast lender connections.”  

Besides my professional licenses and lenders network, it is my tenacity in researching the best solution, love of problem-solving, and my natural comfort with numbers and details, that altogether make me a confident mortgage professional.  

I am offering FREE home loan consultations with NO obligation. I will help you get a clear, personalized, and detailed picture of your most efficient road map into home ownership and real estate investment  

For example -  

  • First-time home buyers may not know the incentive interest rates and low down payment programs government agencies have made available for them. They prolong their time as renters trying to save for a comfortable down payment amount but lose the huge home equity and free wealth they could have built instead.
  • Divorcees with limited or no current income, unaware of alternative approaches like out-of-the-box home loans, may lose critical child custody battles. 
  • Self-employed business professionals, struggling between income and tax payments, may not know the alternative documentation methods available to get into home ownership easier.


My home loan services cover home purchases, refinance, cash out refinance, and investment purchases.  

And it all starts with a free consultation and easy appointment via phone or text at 626.344.0955. 

I look forward to serving you!  
Lillian Meng