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As a mortgage broker, we are very select to work with the best lenders in the industry. Quicken Loans is one of our preferred partners, which is awarded with hightest in customer satisfaction in the U.S. by J.D. Power

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Loan Servicing & Quicken Loans

Besides rates and pricing, the ability to freely adjust your payment is a great tool to save on the overall interest payment. Does your mortgage service comes with this feature and is free?

What is loan servicing? 
After the loan funded, the servicing company collect your mothly payment,  the escrow account for tax and insurance dues,  and anything related to your loan including paying extra towards  principle, recast the loan, or payoff the loan. 

Most 3rd party servicing company collect fees for additional services, but with  Quicken Loans there is no servicing fees at all.

In addition, Quicken Loans offers borrower an online platform to easily view all payment related information -  principle, interest, tax and insurance. 

This high-tech transparency servicing platform allows borrowers to make extra payments towards the principle anytime, and view the consequent savings of total interest payment with the reduced months in loan terms. 

To use this feature properly will save you much more interest payments on top of the low interest rates.

Exclusive Benefits 

Bonus Offers to My Clients

A Better Rate and Lower Fee 

You will get a better rate and lower fees from me compared to going directly to Quicken Loans on the internet because of the wholesale pricing I have access to.

Your Convenient Local Support

As a preferred mortgage partner of Quicken Loans, I am able to provide you the best loan service in the industry, located conveniently in your backyard for better support.