Current Mortgage Rates

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Best Rate Scenarios Listed. Rates will be adjusted based on variance of individual's FICO scores, loan to value, debt ratio, reserve amount and other potential factors. Rates are subject to market change. 

30 Years Fixed - Conforming with Full Doc   

  • 3-5% Down For 1 - 4 Units
  • Purchase or Refinance
  • 740+ Fico 

7/1 ARM - High Balance & Jumbo with Full Doc

  • 20% Down
  • Purchase or Refinance
  • 780+ Fico

30 Years Fix -  Stated Income 2 Year Same Employment

  • LTV 75%
  • Purchase or Refinance
  • VOE Only

Investment Property With No Income Documentation 

  • LTV 75%
  • Purchase & Refinance
  • DSCR 1:1

Out-of-the-Box Loan Solutions

Choose the features that work for you

Stated Income

Self Employed
  • Loan to Value 75 % - 70%
  • 2 Years Business License + CPA Letter
  • 1 Month Bank Statement

Asset Based

  • Loan to Value 50%
  • Utilize Property Value as Qualifying Income
  • Cash & Security Assets Can Also Apply

Income Based

  • Down Payment as Low as 3%
  • Gift Fund Allowed | Rental Income ok
  • Non-Occupant Co-Signer Allowed

Right Loan, Right Now!

Allow my mortgage expertise guides you to the best home loan solution

Loan solution is a science and an art. The science part contains the elements of property value, loan to value ratio (LTV), and borrower(s)' qualifications - credit, income, asset and debt. Plus, the current real estate market condition - the investors' sentiment towards the economy and real estate.

And income sources can be varied from W-2, self employed, bonus, asset depreciation, business profit, and other income from rental, boarder, AirBNB, or co-signer and asset depletion. 

Down payment can be from saving, equity, and gift fund.

Credit score has its impact on how good an interest rates you can get, and there are rooms to improve the credit scores, or adverse actions the borrowers might take unknowingly to drag down the credit score. 

The purpose of loan can be applied for purchase, rate/term refinance, and cash out refinance. Or, for home remodeling, debt consolidation.

The loan structure can be one loan, 2 loans, or with a HELOC.

With the current booming real estate market and historical low interest rates, banks, lenders and investors are offering a variety of home loan programs to meet the needs of different type of home loan borrowers.

As a professional mortgage broker, I am here to guide you to get The Right Loan, Right Now, with the best interest rate and low fees.

Contact me for a risk free and non-obligational loan consultation today.  And let me help you solve the problems.