Jumbo Loans That Meet Your Needs

flexibility & competitive rates as low as 3.625%

Jumbo Loan 

Standard Guidlines

  • Loan Amount  - True Jumbo : $726,526+  | High Balance : $484,351 - $726,525 | Up to 3 Million
  • DTI - 43%
  • LTV - 80% 
  • Reserve - 12 Months
  • Minimum FICO 680 - 720
  • 3 Trade Lines

We Offer Flexibility

Choose the features that work for you

Higher Loan Amount

  • DTI Up to 49%
  • 80/10/10 or 89.9% LTV
  • Without Mortgage Insurance


  • 6 Months
  • Business Fund OK
  • 100% Retirement Fund

Qualified Income

  • 2 Year Business with 1 Year Tax Return
  • Departure Rental
  • NO PITI of Departure Property

HELOC and Jumbo Loans

What kind of challenges can you overcome?
Avoid PMI. Use a HELOC to fund a larger down payment. You’ll give your clients more flexibility and ways to save.>
Avoid high Jumbo mortgage rates. We can fund up to $500K to help your clients obtain more advantageous financing on premium properties.
Increase CLTV. When your clients are short on cash or have better use for the cash they have, we can offer up to 95% combined loan to value.
Gain greater flexibility. Help clients afford to buy a more desirable home or finance an investment property by adding a Quorum HELOC to their financing.

Medical Professional Loan

Low Down Payment Without MI

  • As low as 5% down, gifts allowed on top of 5% down.
  • No private mortgage insurance.
  • Low initial payments with an adjustable rate mortgage.
  • Short term fixed payments optionwith 5/1, 7/1, 10/1, and
  • 15/1 ARM on conforming and non-conforming loan amounts. 
  • Resident or doctors new job can start within 60 days afterclosing of escrow.
    Deferred students loan payments can be excluded from debt calculation.