Divorce Is Not The End Of Home Ownership

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Empower Yourself With a Home of Your Own 

As a safe heaven for your soul, a nest for your children, owning your home also is a major factor affecting your wellbeing financially, especially when getting older.

Value Up

High demand and inflation had driven up  the house value over 500% in the past 30 years. And the appreciation is still going up.


With high appreciation rate of California real estate, the equity in the house will be your best friend in times of unexpected needs.


The house can also generate rental, boarder or even AirBNB income. As rent is constantly going up, the rental income will increase as well.

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Not all mortgage loans need income from employment to qualify. When I was filing my own divorce paper, I had been a stay home mom for many years, and unemployed. I was able to keep the house to raise my children and earn the huge equity boost in the following few years, all because my mortgage broker then took an in-depth analysis into the assets situation and provided me a home loan to put the house under my name.

Now as a mortgage broker myself, it is my heart felt desire to help others in the same situation as I was then.  And it can start with a simple, confidential and non-obligational phone call.

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Connected with 100+ lending resources, including Chase, Wells Fargo, Quicken Loans and Wall Street private investors.  We offer loan solutions with the best rates.

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 Based on 18 years of company wide home loan experiences, plus a dedicated team of highly experienced specialists in the field. We close loans sucessfully and quickly.


Unlimited support starting from the personalized loan consultaiton, application, processing, closing and funding. All are just a phone call away.

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We enginer the solutions to get your loan funded.

Most people have the misconception that the only way to be qualified for a home loan is through current employment income, which makes many divorcees let go of their properties. This could end up as another severe finanical loss in addition to any emotional trama. The truth is, under today's real estate climate, there are many home loan solutions that utilize resources besides the normal income- which can help divorcees to keep the home under one name or to purchase another home.

No Tax Returns | Alt Doc

Self Employed

Asset Depletion 

Real Estate, Stocks, Cash in Bank

Resources Utilization

Gift Fund. Co-Signers. Home Equity. And Other Possible Resources.

Customizable Solutions

"All things are possilbe if you believe."  We will do our best to get you there.

As a divorced woman, single with a son, and self-employed, I am grateful that Lillian had guided me to put together the resources and had gotten me a loan for my new home which had appreicated 10% in one year, gratefully.

Lindsay W. 

Los Angeles

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